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We're out meeting Chester County residents, and hearing their questions or concerns.  Please leave your information here, and someone will get back to you. 


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    Congratulations on your election win. Looking forward to following your accomplishments. I just wanted to pass along that there are still Maisano election placards that have not been retrieved in the East Goshen area – Greenhill Rd, Airport Rd, the on-ramp onto Rt100 S

    It is clear most other areas that I travel have been cleaned up. Thanks.
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    Dear Patricia,

    My name is Michelle Legaspi Sanchez, and I’m the Executive Director of the Chester County Fund for Women and Girls. First, I want to congratulate you on such a momentous victory last week! We are inspired by your story and hope to work with you in serving Chester County. I’d love to tell you more about our organization and discuss how we can help you in your new role. I would be happy to set up a meeting. Additionally, we are holding an Open House here in our new office in West Chester this Thursday, if you’d like to stop by. I’m happy to send you more information via email if you provide that to me. Mine is

    Congrats again, and I look forward to working with you.


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    My name is Tessie Devlin and I am a journalism student at Ithaca College. For one of my classes, I am writing an election story. As I am a resident of Chester County, I feel compelled to cover this election. Would you be willing to be interviewed and allow me to follow your campaign? I would only require a few minutes of your time for an interview. I appreciate it and hope you have a wonderful day.


    Tessie Devlin
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    Hi Patricia,

    My name is Dina Raihall and I’m the treasure for Chester County Women’s Voice. We met briefly the night you spoke at our quarterly meeting.

    I have a stack of donation checks for your campaign from our members and would like to send them to you. Could you please email me your address?

    Thanks so much for all you’re doing! You’re truly inspiring.

    Warm Regards,

    Dina Raihall
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    On June 24th, beginning st 5:00- dark is Elverson Days at Livengood Park. I will be hosting s Democratic table. Please join us.
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    Pat Typo on your advert re: woman’s initiative