Let Your Voice Be Heard

We are only 8 days from the 2017 election.  In the past, this year's election was known as an off-off-year election or by many not important. 

But we live in a different world today. We are learning the hard way that EVERY election is important. From electing your local school board to the Presidency. It all impacts you and your future.  Each election you have only one choice to be heard, and then if you didn't let your voice be heard you are often silenced for years and the damage to your life may indeed be permanent.

The world is watching us NOW, and only you can make the difference.  On every level, we all want to see our house in order.  Start showing the world that the US ( through you) is a strong and diverse nation and that clear thinking mines will prevail. 

So this November 7th, take the moment to make the difference.  Change won't happen without you, local races can be won by less than 10 votes. Will you be one of the 10? 


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