Why Run?


There are a lot of problems in this world that can be fixed by waiting to see if they get better on their own. A head cold, slow growing spring flowers, and runny stew are some of those problems that might work out if you wait. Politics is not one of those issues. Politics affects the real people, with real issues in the place we all call home, Chester Country. And Recently I have found that it is one of the places that you need to get your hands dirty to work on fixing things. 

I chose to run because you can't keep one party in charge of a place for over 200 years without calling into question their willingness and commitment to bettering a place by moving forward. I think the time has come for a change, and I think that we can start to work towards bringing that change about through my three core concepts. Integrity, Transparency, and Trust.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. See you on the campaign trail!

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